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Tricks of Growing :Bag Temperature

Updated: Jun 10, 2022


Compost temperature at 26° C results in a more rapid growth rate and, consequently, a shorter spawn-growing period. Growers should not permit compost temperatures to exceed 30°C at any time during spawn growth. The mycelium is not killed until temperatures reach 40° C, but growth is severely restricted and permanent damage can be done to the fruiting mechanism if the mycelium is incubated above 30° C.

Mushroom mycelium exhibits a rhythmic pattern of growth so compost temperatures should be monitored 4 or more times a day. One of the merits of maintaining compost temperatures between 23° C and 25° C rather than 24° C to 26° C is obvious considering this rhythmic growth pattern, i.e. the tendency of the compost temperatures to rise above 26° C during peak mycelial activity of the rhythmic growth pattern.

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