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Compost activity : Part 1

-Taj 2 Mushroom

Compost activity during cultivation depends on various factors: the major one is Compost Quality, bag filling weight, cultivation method and additives.

‘Activity’ is the difference between compost and air temperature. The greater the difference the higher the activity.

Compost Quality: The ingredients, the duration of phase I & II and their management with air & water, plays an important role for finished nitrogen value & C : N ratio, which ultimately dictates the activity of the Compost.

‘Fan speed also influences activity; increased air movement also increases activity.

The filling weight has an important impact, more the compost in bag/shelves, higher the activity. Bags usually have a standard weight of +12 kg. But remember: the more kilos in a bag the easier activity is to maintain. The minimum advisable filling weight converted per square meter is 95 kg with phase II. The more compost the higher activity is.

Then the cultivation methods: if wooden trays are used activity also stays high longer as evaporation along the sides and base of the trays is less With metal shelving systems there is higher evaporation from below and along the sides. Laying plastic sheet under the compost can help retain higher activity. If activity is too high with bags, use holes/perforation in the bags.

With phase II compost is very risky to add supplements at Spawning. This is far easier with already spawned compost. Adding supplements also greatly increases activity.

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