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Casing Soil

The only method of forcing mushroom mycelia to change from vegetative phase to reproductive state is to apply a cover of a suitable material called the casing layer, on the surface of the spawned compost.

The function of a casing layer is to trigger the mushrooms to switch from a vegetative growth to a reproductive or fruiting growth. The casing also functions to supply and conserve moisture for the mushrooms and their rhizomorphs (thicker mushroom mycelia) and acts to transport dissolved nutrients to the mushrooms. Casing support the mushrooms and compensates for water loss through evaporation and transpiration. Rhizomorphs look like thick strings. They are formed when the very fine mycelia fuse together and grow through the casing.

Rhizomorphs carry water and nutrients from the compost to the developing mushrooms.

Mushroom initials : Primordia or pins, form on the rhizomorphs. Without rhizomorphs, there will be no mushrooms.

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